Plymouth, MA’s own genre-defying three-piece known as 3rd Left have been electrifying audiences since their inception in 2004, showing no limitations in their own creativity and continuing to push the boundaries of music in all areas.  Playing over 1000 shows over their career and spanning clear across ten states; word continues to spread about the exciting music of 3rd Left as their music continues to find its way across America and into international waters.What started with a friendship established at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell between dynamic lead-singer/guitarist Brian Hitchings and skillful drummer Zak Fey quickly expanded to three when they discovered the extraordinary rumblings and bass from Bryan Pierce.  Together, they created 3rd Left; a jam-band extraordinaire whereby the rules are there are no rules.  Drawing on the spontaneous aspect and influence of bands like Phish, Lettuce and the Dave Matthews Band; the unique flavor & combination of music in 3rd Left incorporates elements of funk, jazz, reggae, folk and rock, delivering them incomparably in their own exciting, rhythmic & melodic style.

With their combination of incredible musicianship and dedication to discovering new blends of sonic texture, 3rd Left creates an outstanding jam-like atmosphere from the stage that is guaranteed to bring the crowd to their feet and leave them screaming for more.  Their ability to innovate, adapt and change their songs to each individual live-stage they perform on have ensured the songs created by 3rd Left never sound old, tired or stale; each night, every individual song takes on a completely brand-new life and the resulting music is every bit as fun and entertaining for the members of 3rd Left as it is for the audience.

Often playing shows, writing and recording with fellow musician and immaculately-skilled saxophone player James Calendrella filling in as a frequent 4th member, 3rd Left continues to work harder than ever to push their own creativity and explore new sounds.  Always including the incredible harmonies and vocals that have made their melodies timeless – 3rd Left continues to inspire eardrums from all over the world with a music that echoes the freedom, creativity and passion found within the core of their band.